East Longmeadow, MA 413.525.2566

Enrollment / Registration Requirements

  • A child must be 2 years 9 months to enroll
  • A pre-enrollment visit is required prior to registering.

    Upon receiving information, and visiting our program, if positions are available and you choose to enroll your child, the followings is required in order to save a position for your child in our program.
    1. Completed registration form
    2. Registration fee due at the time of registration
    3. One month's tuition deposit due on / before April 1st.
  • We welcome children from our wait list on a first-come, first-serve basis as positions become available throughout the school year.
  • EEC requires certain forms be submitted before a child is allowed into a licensed childcare center.

    1. Face/Sheet / Enrollment Form
    2. Developmental history / Background Information
    3. First aid / Emergency Care Consent Form
    4. Medical History / Immunization Form
    5. Photo Release Form / Parent Handbook Policy Form
  • Upon acceptance the following will be sent to parents.

    1.  Parent Handbook
    2. EEC Enrollment Forms
    3. Spring / Summer Newsletter